The I am Lounge Podcast

The I am Lounge is a space for raw, real, and intimate adult conversation. Here I discuss topics dealing with relationships. No topic is too big, small, or risque to cover. It's a laid-back conversation had over smooth jazz or R&B where you can kick back relax or let your hair down and chill. New episodes air every Friday at 9 pm est. As I always say" Grab your Cognac or your wine and I'll see you at 9 for The I am Lounge."

CoZmic ETher

The I am forum is a space where open and like-minded people can enjoy a conversation. Here you can join in a conversation, create a conversation, ask a question or answer one. Just like the podcast, this is raw real conversation among adults. No topic if off limits and no question is ever side-eyed. Here you can also discuss the podcast and interact with me. You never know your topic just may end up being a topic on the lounge. Join in now and start a conversation piece.